How a Black Artist Created a New Kind of Animals

In a series of stunning illustrations, a black woman in her 50s named Alice Bird took her animals to the streets of Los Angeles to create a new kind of animals.

“She’s been making art for years,” said the artist, Alice Bird.

“It’s been a big challenge, because I’m not a very good artist.”

The artist, who went by the stage name “Alice Bird,” has made a number of animal artworks over the years, including one that depicts a gorilla holding a baby elephant.

Bird says that she was inspired by an encounter with a friend at a park where she saw an elephant being led to a cage.

“I felt like there was something wrong with the animal,” Bird said.

“But I also saw it as a kind of liberation.”

Bird said that her friend, who has autism, had a vision of an elephant with a baby on it, and that she felt like it could be her “animal crossing painting.”

Bird also created a black animal painting titled “Black Elephant,” which is a sculpture that features a black elephant holding a white calf.

“This painting is a really strong image of black art,” Bird explained.

“The elephant is really black.

There is no white.”

Birds artwork was also featured in the 2012 documentary, Black Elephant: Inside the Wild Life of an Elephant.

She also created the cover of the 2011 book, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which depicts a black family living together in a new town.

Bird said she wanted to use her art to bring awareness to the plight of African elephants.

“We need to protect them,” Bird told Newsweek.

“They’re our African savannahs.

They’re our home.

They have our culture.

They are our heritage.”

Bird’s paintings often depict black people’s struggle to be accepted and appreciated as African people, even when they don’t live in Africa.

Bird has a history of creating art that explores issues of race and racism in African cultures.

She was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, where she said she learned to paint in the family’s tradition.

“My mother used to paint when she was in her early 20s, because she was poor,” Bird recalled.

“As she got older, she moved away from the family to work as a painter, and when she returned she started painting African people.

I wanted to do that, too.”

Bird moved to New York City in 2011 to study at Columbia University and became a teacher.

“There was something about that culture, and the way they lived,” Bird remembered.

“A lot of the stuff that was happening, I wanted that to be a part of my life.”

Bird went on to study and teach at the Whitney Museum of American Art, where the Black and Asian American art world meets for art, as well as the School of Visual Arts in New York, where Birds work.

Bird’s work has been featured in many exhibitions including the Whitney Biennial, a major retrospective in the Whitney Art Museum.

Bird is also known for the illustrations that she created for the movie, Black Elephants, a movie about a black mother and a black child who find their way to a sanctuary in the U.S. in the 1970s.

“That’s the first thing I was interested in,” Bird continued.

“When I saw it, I just felt like, This is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen.

I was thinking, ‘Oh, this is amazing.'”

Bird said her work was inspired partly by the African diaspora in America.

“What African people do is go back and forth and back and forward,” Bird noted.

“And I wanted African people to be able to go back to Africa.

So that’s why I wanted my work to be about that.

And it was about, ‘This is what African people are doing.'”

Birds works include two sculptures that were featured in 2012 at the Museum of Modern Art in New Jersey, titled The Black Elephant and the White Elephant.

“People will see this work and say, ‘Wow, she is a black artist,'” Bird said, “but then they’ll see the white elephant, and they’ll say, Oh, it’s so cute.

I don’t know how to talk about that.”

Bird is the subject of an upcoming documentary, Animal Crossings, which features the works of African artists.

“Black elephants have always been my animal crossings,” Bird admitted.

“All my life, I have been drawing animals.

I have always drawn animals.

It was just like a way to connect to something that I feel connected to.

It’s just so beautiful.”

Bird will also be in the documentary for an interview, which will air in the spring.

Bird, who said she has received criticism for her work, said she is “very, very grateful to people that have supported me and helped me along the way.”

“I really don’t care what anyone thinks about it,” Bird concluded.

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