When the dog ate my dog

A group of dog owners from Ireland has been forced to endure a life-changing experience.

Read moreWhen the dog started to eat my dog, the group of Irish people in the Netherlands went to an animal park in the south of the country to visit.

They were surprised to see that they were not allowed to touch the dog, and had to watch it eat its own pet.

The group of three people were taken to a nearby house where the dog was being kept and a vet examined the dog.

The vet told the owners that the dog had eaten itself and they should let it go.

However, the dog’s owner did not want to let go of the dog because of the dangers it posed to the owner.

The owners then tried to leave but the dog grabbed the group’s dog walker, grabbed his leg and then ran away.

The owner said that the owner of the other dog, who was a few feet away, managed to save him by holding the dog by the leash and kicking it.

The dogs owner said the owner was trying to save the dog but that it was trying its best to hurt him.

“The dog has gone from being a friend of mine to a threat,” said the dog owner.

“We’re trying to keep the dog alive and to see if there is a way that we can save him.”

In the Netherlands, the Animal Protection Association is now investigating and it is believed that this incident has been reported to animal cruelty authorities.

In the UK, Animal Aid UK has contacted the dog owners and is appealing for the animal to be returned to them as soon as possible.

This story originally appeared on The Irish Sun.

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