The anime of the year 2018

Posted November 08, 2018 04:18:22Aussie Anime fans have been calling for more anime this year, with the latest anime of 2018 taking the top spot in the 2018 Anime Awards.

It all started back in October, when the Anime Awards were announced, with a vote for the best anime for 2018.

That was followed by the release of a poll for the top 10 anime of all time, with this year’s winner being announced earlier this month.

There were plenty of winners from across the board, including anime from The World, Ayano, A Certain Scientific Railgun, Death Note, Gintama, My Hero Academia, Love Live!, and more.

But, while the winners of this year were undoubtedly the most popular, there were also some surprises, with one anime being nominated for the Best Anime Character of All Time.

Here are the top ten anime nominees in 2018, along with the full list of nominees:Anime of the Year:The WorldAnime Award – Best AnimeCharacter of All Times – My Hero Academy – Love Live!

– Death Note – Gintamax – Deathnote – The World – A Certain Science Railgun – The Girl Who Leapt Through Time – LoveLive!

The Movie – LoveLoveLive!

The Girl Who Wasn’t There – Death note – Gekijōban – Gokusai – DeathNote – Love!

Anime Awards 2018 – Best Animated Series – KyoAnime News24

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