How to talk about Black Panther animal videos

In the wake of Black Panther movie being made, the Black Panther subreddit was flooded with hilarious animal videos.

Here are some of the best ones.1.

Anime quote about a black panther.

(Source: YouTube/Anime_Girls_Club)2.

The first Black Panther video, featuring the Black Panthers dancing around a tank.


The Black Panther, the mascot of the Disney Channel show “Disney Junior.”


A cute little cartoon about the Black family.

(Google Play/Animate)5.

A Black Panther parody video.

(Drama Central/Animus)6.

A Disney-produced Black Panther comic book series.

(Netflix/Animes & Manga)7.

The latest in the Disney Princess line.

(Disney Channel/Disney)8.

A look at the Black panther and the new Disney film, “Black Panther.”

(Disney XD/Disney Princess)9.

A little Black Panther costume for a kid.


An old clip from the animated series “Adventure Time.”


A clip from Disney’s newest animated series, “Aqua Teen Hunger Force.”


An animated video of a Black Panther character on a treadmill.

(Anime Central/Disney Animation)13.

A montage of Black Panthers in action.


An animatronic Black Panther on the cover of “Adventure time.”


An illustration of a black Panther.


A parody video for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”


A teaser for the Disney princess film, The Jungle Book.


A very cool Black Panther action figure.


An adorable Black Panther statue.


A tribute to Disney’s “Aerobatic Black Panther.”

This video has an animated Black Panther.

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