How to raise a sheep in Israel

An Israeli family’s effort to raise two young sheep from scratch has raised the ire of local activists.

In the video, uploaded on Facebook, the family, led by Yael Ziv, a mother of four, walk through the desert and watch as the sheep walk across a large stone bridge.

The video is not meant to be taken literally, but to show how far they have come since the family first crossed the border in March.

The family was not there when the crossing took place.

“We did not have a lot of time,” Ziv told The Associated Press.

“We were waiting for the border police to finish their patrols and take us back to the village.

We wanted to take our sheep to the sheep farm in the village and have them go back to us.”

The family then heads to the border crossing and waits.

They are then allowed to enter Israel through a gate marked by a giant red cross, and then are allowed to stay.

The crossing is closed until March 18.

In all, Ziv and her family have raised seven sheep.

They have also set up a website where people can raise their own sheep.

The site offers tips for raising sheep and for working with farmers and animal-rights activists.

Ziv and others are worried about how the border fence will affect the region, and how the animals might be impacted.

The fence, which was built by Israel, is a part of Israel’s separation barrier.

It is about 100 kilometers (62 miles) from the Gaza Strip, and some farmers in the area say the fence has caused problems with livestock.

The Israeli government has said it will build the fence only along its border with Gaza, not along the Israel-Gaza border, as it does with the West Bank.

The United Nations says Israel should not have built the barrier in the first place.

Zivek Eliyahu, the owner of the Zivs’ farm, said he has not heard from any of his customers about the crossing, and he did not know if they were aware that it was happening.

“When you go out, people don’t ask, ‘How did you come to Israel?’,” he said.

“The border fence is there to keep out Palestinians from the West bank and the Gaza.

The only reason we came here is to raise our sheep.”

He said he does not know who will raise the sheep.

Israelis are divided over the fence and the crossing itself.

The Ziv family says it was not built to deter Palestinians, and that they did not want to bring the sheep to Gaza.

A petition to build the border wall, which is backed by the Israeli government, has garnered more than 4 million signatures.

The government says the fence will not stop Palestinian terrorism, and it has denied the existence of any Palestinian tunnels.

The crossing has been used by Palestinians and others to smuggle weapons and other items.

Israel has not recognized a Palestinian state, and the only Palestinians who live in the occupied West Bank are in East Jerusalem.

The Knesset recently passed a law requiring Israeli citizens who have been living in the West, such as the Ziveks, to leave the area.

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