Trump’s baby-loving mom has an adorable dog

President Donald Trump’s mom is a puppy lover who recently posted pictures on Instagram of her daughter’s adorable baby animals, including one of a fluffy black Labrador puppy.

The photos, which have since gone viral, show Melania Trump posing with her dog, a fluffy blue Labrador named Babs.

The caption underneath Babs’ picture reads, “My beautiful son!”

Melania Trump has been posting pictures of her adorable daughter’s puppies and kittens on Instagram since at least April 2018, and she’s been a fan of cute animals since she was a teenager.

Melania’s dog, Babs, has a love for puppies, and the couple’s son, Donald Jr., is also a dog lover.

Melani, who has since moved on from social media, told the Daily Beast that she’s a big fan of adorable dogs and cats, especially black and white ones.

“When I was younger I loved them,” she said.

“I’m not a big breeder, but I love dogs.

I was very young and I loved dogs.”

Melania has also been known to share cute photos of her dogs with the world.

In 2016, she posted a photo of a cute little Labrador with the caption, “Love your lil’ baby dog, my little darling!” in response to a question about why her baby daughter has a different skin color from her own.

“You can see her eyes, she looks beautiful,” Trump said of her son.

“She’s a very pretty little boy.

He looks like a beautiful little boy, but you know what?

He’s got a little little dog that loves him very much.”

Melani and Trump also shared adorable pictures of their dog Babs in 2017.

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