The X-Men are not to blame for sex with animals

The X and the X-MEN are not the only mutants to have engaged in inappropriate behavior with animals, according to an investigation into a new genre of pornography, The X Factor.

The new X-Files series, which premieres tonight on Fox, features the X brothers, Cable and Cyclops, and their companion Cyclops-Cyclops-X-Men, as they attempt to rescue a kidnapped alien baby girl.

But the show’s creators are quick to point out that the Xs don’t necessarily blame their favorite mutants.

“No, not at all,” creator Chris Carter told Entertainment Weekly.

“There are very few mutants who do that.

I mean, we have Cable, Cyclops and the whole X-team, which is probably one of the greatest teams in the world.

And they all love animals.

They’re very protective of their friends.

They all have very strong, very loving relationships with animals.”

It’s an idea that may have the potential to shock viewers.

But while some of the X’s might have a grudge against humans, it’s a concept that’s been around for decades, thanks to films like the 1950 classic X-Man and the 1980 movie X-Force.

The X-men first appeared in the comic book Fantastic Four in 1963, but it was before that time that the superheroic team had been depicted on the silver screen.

A movie adaptation starring Jack Nicholson and Elizabeth Taylor would follow in 1968, and in the decades that followed, the X have remained a key part of pop culture.

The movie X2 featured a female X-man named Cable and the film X-Treme X-Factor featured a male X-force member named Cyclops.

And the 1990s TV series Xena: Warrior Princess featured a mutant called Xena, played by the actress Anya Taylor-Joy.

But in recent years, the team’s image has changed.

The first season of X-Factions, which ran in 2014, featured a team of teenage X-people called the X, who were sent to fight a new villain called the Serpent.

The show was canceled in 2017 after a series of legal troubles involving sexual misconduct allegations against former X-member Rogue.

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