Watch: Tiger Woods and his dog get a workout at Tiger Woods’ gym

By KEVIN LOVENICK ESPN staff • Dec. 17, 2018 11:07:58 The Tiger Woods Dog Gym in Pascagoula, Miss., has become a kind of home for the golfer and his family.

The facility, which opened in November, was the brainchild of Tiger Woods, who spent time there for the past three years.

He is also a frequent visitor, including a visit to his PascAGO, Miss.-based dog training facility in October.

In fact, Woods said he likes to spend the first few days of every month here at the Pascaganas.

He said it’s like a small family.

“I get to see my family and my dogs,” Woods said, laughing.

“It’s a great place to spend a few days with my family.”

Woods said the dogs have grown in confidence over the past few years.

They were trained by a former professional golfer who is now a trainer for the PGA Tour.

Woods said they have learned a lot since he moved in with them.

“They really have been able to learn about their owner,” Woods told reporters.

The training facility, at 4,000 square feet, has a pool, a sauna, a tennis court and two outdoor playing fields.

It has a full-time dog kennel.

Tiger Woods said training dogs is a fun way to spend time and he has a good time.

“We get to go out, we have to play a game or two and get away from it, so we can relax and get back to the golf course,” Woods added.

Woods was in the United States for the start of the 2018 PGA Championship season, and his wife, Kim, had a dog training session at the facility.

She said Tiger and Kim, a veterinarian, enjoy working with their dogs.

“That’s what we do,” Woods quipped.

Kim said her dogs, Coco and Kiko, have grown to be very good athletes.

“Coco and Kiki have done a lot in their training, so it’s a big accomplishment for them,” she said.

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