When I’m not drawing manga, I draw anime!

I’ve been drawing manga for years.

I started when I was in elementary school.

My dad bought me a manga pen.

I was hooked, and I started drawing manga as an outlet for my passion for drawing manga.

When I was 15, I started working for an anime studio.

I’ve always been fascinated with manga, and this is my first time working with anime.

My favorite characters in the series are Aoi Minase and the “Boku wa Kimi no Uso” character.

I’m an artist who loves creating characters and worlds, and manga is my gateway to that world.

When I was a child, I never really thought about it much, but now I feel like I should.

When you draw something, what do you want it to look like?

When you are drawing something, are you interested in what the characters’ faces would look like if they were painted?

What do you like about drawing manga?

I draw manga for a living, so it’s not unusual for me to get a kick out of it.

In the manga world, people are always looking for the perfect thing to draw.

They want to create something they can hold in their hands.

For me, drawing manga has always been an outlet to get my creative juices flowing.

I feel that manga is very important to me as an artist.

It’s like my family.

It allows me to be free and not worry about any of my family members.

I think that if people can read manga, they will have the same freedom to make their own choices.

I hope that people will read manga because it’s really interesting.

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