Australia’s ‘wicked’ crocodile is now an ‘exotic’ animal

After a seven-year wait, Australia’s first ever crocodile has now become an exotic species.

The animal, named “Lance”, was captured by a family in Australia’s north-east in May last year and is now believed to be in the wild.

“I would be happy to see him on the streets of Brisbane and Melbourne,” one local man said of the Australian-born crocodile.

“He is so cute and friendly.”

“Lancelot” was captured at the time by the family of Michael and Rosalyn Rochford, who were visiting family in the small town of Bayswater, in the south-west of the state.

“It’s a really special story,” Michael Rochfords father, John Rochfford, said.

The Rochfs first heard about the existence of the crocodile when a neighbour spotted it in the family’s yard. “

There are some great people in the local community who are doing what they can to keep him safe.”

The Rochfs first heard about the existence of the crocodile when a neighbour spotted it in the family’s yard.

“Laughing all the way to the bank,” the family member wrote on Facebook.

“One look at the little crocodile, his mouth open wide with pleasure, his belly poking out and he was grinning and enjoying it, then the next thing you know it’s gone.”

The family of two decided to have a look at his behaviour, and Mr Rochbords son, Andrew, said he saw “no shame in a little guy”.

“I’d be delighted to see Lance on the road again,” he said.

He said the crocodiles social behaviour and willingness to bite “makes him a natural” for them.

“That’s what I love about the crocodilian family, it’s just such a family thing,” Mr Rovent told ABC Radio Brisbane.

“They are so close knit and so like-minded and so close in spirit and love.”

In the wild, “Laurie” has been captured in Queensland, New South Wales and the Northern Territory.

“You’ll see him at the beach, swimming around the surf in the surf,” Mr Hogg said.

The family said they were “overjoyed” with the news.

“Our family and we are thrilled to welcome Lance into the family, we’ve had a long relationship with him,” Mr Andrew Rochriford said.

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