‘Mysterious’ Easter eggs hidden inside stuffed animals

I grew up in a suburb of Sydney that was home to many stuffed animals and Easter eggs.

There was always a mystery to finding them.

And now, after years of searching, the Easter eggs in these toys have been found and I’m finally able to share them with the world.

Read more: “I was lucky enough to have one Easter egg in my backyard,” she said.

“It was just one piece of the puzzle.”

The hidden Easter egg is an Easter egg found in a stuffed animal that was stuffed with a rabbit.

Photo: Supplied A small hole was drilled into the back of the bunny and then the rabbit was stuffed inside it.

“I have always been a rabbit person,” Ms Zavala said.

I don’t know why, she said, but I do know this rabbit was very much alive at the time.

“A rabbit is not a toy.

It’s a living animal that is very important to us.”

It’s one of the best memories that I have in my life,” Ms Yung said.

A large rabbit egg discovered in a Christmas present. “

I love finding Easter eggs, and I know there are some that are still hidden,” she added.

A large rabbit egg discovered in a Christmas present.

Photo : Supplied Ms Zavaza said she was lucky to have found a rabbit in a toy, and she has been keeping a close eye on her bunny’s well-being for the past year.

Her rabbit, which was named Little Rabbit, is now in a safe home, with its owner Ms Zabala.

Little Rabbit’s owner is a rabbit farmer and rabbit owner.

In March, the rabbit’s owner named him Jack Rabbit after the song Jack Straw.

He said he was happy to share the Easter egg, and hoped to share it with other people who might have rabbit toys.

Ms Yung is hoping to get more rabbit toys from animal rescue organisations, who she hopes will donate them to the bunny’s owner.

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