‘Mink: The Animation’ stickers, hoodie and accessories on sale in Japan

Japanese retailers are selling Mink anime stickers, accessories and shirts, including the new Mink: the Animation movie poster and merchandise, at discounts in Japan.

The posters are available for purchase for 50,000 yen (about US$47) on sale at online shops like GameStop, Amazon, Rakuten, Amazon Japan, Otakomu, GameStop Japan and Bic Camera.

Fans of the anime series can get stickers from Anime Lab Japan, which has been selling Manko stickers, mink, and anime-themed t-shirts.

Anime Lab also sells Mink merchandise, including Mink posters, hoodies, stickers, Mink hoodies and accessories at 50,001 yen ($59.98) on March 17.

Mink, the cute furry companion to Mink, debuted in 2011 and is available in the Japanese television anime series Mankoku no Mink.

The Mankokon is a Japanese Mink doll that transforms into Mink and performs other cute and playful antics.

Mink’s original character designer was Hiroyuki Sakuraba, who also designed the Mink character on television.

Mankokons are now sold by many other stores.

Some retailers, like Game Stop, offer Mink-themed plush dolls with the Mankon tag at 50 percent off, and Rakuten sells a mink-inspired cardigan, hoody and a minky mask at 15 percent off.

AnimeLab has also been selling mink plush dolls for fans of the show at 50 million yen ($841).

The Mink toys are also available for sale on the Minky Doll Shop in Japan, a popular Mink toy retailer.

The shop has been running Mink themed merchandise for two years.

Minky Toys has also started selling Minky Mink plush toys at its Mink Toys and Mink Mink Shop stores.

The stores also sell Mink stickers and mink clothing.

Other Japanese retailers selling Minks include Bic camera, Otaku, and GameStop.

Mankos can be bought online for about 1,000 to 1,300 yen ($12 to 15) at some stores.

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