‘Dog Bite’ killed a dog. ‘Aurora’ killed an animal. ‘Halloween’ killed animals. How did we get here?

Now, as you read this, there’s an added element of surprise: It’s not the first time we’ve had a cat-and-mouse game of cat-or-mouse.

This year, in fact, it’s the first year in which there’s been no significant cat-on-dog attacks in the US since 2012.

But cats can still bite people, and even the most powerful cat in the world, the Bengal tiger, can be deadly.

Here’s what to do if you’re in a position to intervene.

First, make sure your cat is calm.

Cats are aggressive, and they’re generally not good at letting go of a human who doesn’t deserve it.

If you’re worried about your cat, talk to your veterinarian about what to expect.

If you think your cat has gotten in trouble, you can get in touch with a pet shop or pet rescue group, and if the owner of the cat is cooperative, you could talk to them about adopting your cat.

Or you can call the police.

This is the time to be cautious, but not completely blind.

The first thing to do is look at the cat’s posture, which is where the majority of the biting happens.

If the cat looks relaxed, that’s usually the sign that he’s not aggressive.

When your cat looks aggressive, his tail is down.

This indicates he’s trying to intimidate you, but it also means he wants to eat you.

It’s a sign he wants you to leave.

If he’s a bit wobbly, or even just out of breath, it could be because he’s been attacked by another cat.

That’s a good sign that you’re dealing with a cat that is being a bit of a jerk.

It also means you should take extra steps to make sure you’re not in a situation where you have to intervene to prevent a situation that could have dire consequences for you and your pet.

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