Disney animators make a new series about an old cartoon fox

Disney animator and illustrator Rosie Animal Crossing: New Leaf creator Kanae Iwatani announced via Twitter that a new project for Disney is in the works.

The title is the second to be announced in a week, after a new animated series was announced for a new Animal Crossing title, The Cat and the Muppet Movie, this week.

The project will be a “new spin on the iconic Animal Crossing series” from Iwatane and Takashi Iwai, the animators behind Animal Crossing.

Disney’s Animal Crossing franchise includes the popular Animal Crossing titles, Animal Crossing, and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

Iwatano also recently revealed that the next Animal Crossing game will be the first to have “an entire town” built from scratch, in a project called “a new village” from the developers of the beloved Animal Crossing New Leaf series.

The new project is set to launch sometime this fall.

In addition to New Leaf, Iwatana announced plans for new Animal City games and a new franchise in Japan.

Iwata previously announced a new title for New Leaf in October 2017.

Iwamoto previously said that Disney would continue to make Animal Crossing games, but he didn’t provide a timeline.

Disney released a trailer for the new project, which showed Iwatany, the voice of the cat who lives in New Leaf’s town, reading out his own birthday greetings.

Iwatana said that the game will take place between the Animal Crossing and Animal City franchises.

“Animals are so beautiful, so special,” he said.

“There is such a special bond between the two franchises.”

Disney recently announced a slate of new animated projects, including a remake of Alice in Wonderland for Disney Junior.

The company also announced a remake in 2019 of Beauty and the Beast, based on the Disney film.

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