When you need a ‘tangy’ animal crossing for work

You don’t need to be a circus freak to have an experience at the Tangy Animal Crossing in London.

But if you want to make the most of the holiday in the capital, you’re going to need to make your own crossing.

The city’s famous Tangy Animals will be crossing the river from the East End to the South Downs, and the bridge over the Thames.

Tangled Animals have been running a busy season in the city since January, when they’ve been at work across the city on their way to the Tangies final show.

You can expect to see them in their usual form for many of the week, as they head into their final show on Saturday night.

The show, which takes place in front of around 3,000 people, has been running at least twice a week since it was inaugurated last summer.

A few months on, they’ve added a few new animals, including a giraffe and a porcupine.

There are now five species of Tangy animals to see, and they’re all in need of a crossing.

It’s a big undertaking, and one that’s all-encompassing, so you might be able to catch a glimpse of them all, but be prepared for some big crowds and an extra cost.

There are two types of crossing.

One takes place on the river.

It is the most popular.

You’ll need to pay for your ticket, and you can expect a wait for a few hours.

You also have to pay the entrance fee to the bridge, which is £6 per person.

The other crossing is on the bridge itself.

The one you can see from the West End, which you can walk on, is a little bit more involved.

You need to get to the crossing from the Thames, and then you have to walk a bit down the bridge.

It takes about 20 minutes to cross, and is free, but if you don’t want to walk, you can buy a ticket for a £4.50 fee.

You have to wait for them at the bridge entrance, where you can park and then walk down the river to the river crossing.

They’re only open for a couple of hours a day, so it’s a good time to make yourself available if you have time.

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